MIDI files, and sometimes Noteworthy and Sibelius scripts will be posted here to assist with the pleasures of rehearsal at home for those without a captive accompanist, and also those without either an instrument or the skills to play it.

MIDI files will usually play well in Windows Media Player, but for those who are digitally adventurous Christopher Hills' MidiPlayer will bring extra features to the table, such as the ability to vary the tempo and buttons to choose which line should be emphasized

A free download for this little marvel is available at Christopher's Web Site

Shakespeare's Songbook

The Huub de Lange mp3's David mentioned on the 13th

David repeats the caution:
These are mp3 and not MIDI files; therefore I can't break them down to highlight individual lines. They are also computer-generated and thus very regular and mechanical and do not reflect anything like the subtlety I am aiming for in these pieces. Use them only to help you master your part but do not let them influence how you sing it.

The King Shall Rejoyce

The I was Glad.. MIDI's

Soprano 1Soprano 2AltoTenorBass
Play Play Play Play Play

The O God Thou Art.. MIDI's

Play Play Play Play

O Sing Unto The Lord - listen to the full MIDI (including complete accompaniment) here. For each choir part emphasized go to John Hooper's amazing "Learn Choral Music" site

Some Noteworthy Composer files are available - contact Alan if you are interested

Hark the Herald Angels

The Gozate MIDI's:

Soprano 1Soprano 2Alto 1Alto 2
Play Play Play Play

The E la Don Don MIDI's

Tenor 1Tenor 2Bass 1Bass 2
Play Play Play Play

My Heart's in the Highlands

The Spalpeen MIDI's:

Slow Play Play Play Play
Normal Play Play Play Play
Start with the volume low - there's a big "crunch" at the beginning of some of the tracks!

East and West

Here are some pronunciation files that David has recorded for the Tchaikovsky:

St. Nicholas

Peter Moskos has sent this .mp3 file of a Dutch speaker reading the words of the traditional children's song Welkomstliedje

Love & Roses

Elliott has recorded the little seminar we had on the pronunciation of the French in the Rilke poems as set by Lauridsen. For the demo reading click here

Here is a link to a YouTube presentation by Polyphony under the direction of Stephen Layton of Les Chanson des Roses. You will find many more performances by other groups on the same page. While you are there, scan the comments!

Here are practice MIDI's for the Brahms waltzes:


Spring 2011

MIDI files are available at the following links:

Christmas 2010

The .mp3 file at the link is a pronunciation guide for Sylvian Joululaulu recorded for us by a native Finnish speaker:

Sylvian text.mp3
Be ready to adjust the volume as the sample is recorded at a fairly low level.

Spring 2010

MIDIs for all parts and all sections of the Rutter Requiem are are available from John Hooper's remarkable MIDI site here The Stanford Canticles for Evensong in G major are here (all-parts file only) and click here for "Beati Quorum Via"

All PartsSopranoAlto Tenor Bass
Herbert Howells - Like as the Hart MIDI * * * * *

Soprano 1Soprano 2Alto 1 Alto 2TenorBaritone Bass
David Millard - Cantate Domino MIDI (85% tempo) * * * * * * *

David has also contributed an "All Parts" version of "Cantate" at performance tempo so you can really hone your skills on this piece. Hear it here

Soprano 1Soprano 2Alto 1 Alto 2TenorBaritone Bass
David Millard - Cantate Domino MIDI * * * * * * *

Christmas 2009

Soprano 1Soprano 2Alto 1Alto2Tenor 1Tenor 2 BaritoneBass
Mikolaj Zielenski - Elegerunt Apostoli MIDI * * * * * * * *

Spring 2008

TuttiSopranoAltoTenor or
Tenor 1
Tenor 2Bass or
Bass 1
Bass 2
Fauré - Cantique de Jean Racine MIDI   * * *   *  
Fauré - Requiem "Kyrie" MIDI * * * * * * *
Fauré - Requiem "Offertorio" MIDI * * * *   *  
Fauré - Requiem "Sanctus" MIDI * * * * * * *
Fauré - Requiem "Agnus Dei" MIDI * * * * * * *
Fauré - Requiem "Libera Me" MIDI * * * *   *  
Fauré - Requiem "In Paradisum" MIDI * * * * * * *
Duruflé - Motet "Ubi Caritas" *            
Duruflé - Motet "Tantum Ergo" *            

Fall 2007

Songs of Snakes, Dragons, and the Occasional Jabberwock

Nowell Sing We

2006 Christmas Concert

Joan CererolsSerafinAll Parts (SATB)
Francis PoulencMotet II - Quem vidistisAll PartsSoprano 1Soprano 2Alto 1Alto 2TenorBass
Francis PoulencMotet III - Videntes stellamAll PartsSoprano 1Soprano 2Alto 1Alto 2Tenor 1Tenor 2Bass 1Bass2
Gustav HolstLullay My LikingAll PartsSopranoAltoTenorBass
Johannes EccardDer Winter kaltAll PartsSopranoAltoTenorBass
Thomas MorleyYou that wont to my pipes..All Parts (SATB)
Thomas HammondSwete was the song...All Parts (SATB)
Gustav HolstNow Let us SingAll Parts (SATB)
Hubert ParryWelcome Yule!All Parts (SATB)
John IrelandAdam Lay YboundenAll Parts (SATB)
Herbert HowellsHere is the Little DoorAll Parts (SATB)

El Siglo de Oro

Music of 16th Century Spain

Joan CererolsSerafinAll Parts (SATB)
Cristobal MoralesRegina Caeli Laetare - 6 partsSoprano 1
Soprano 2
Alto 1
Alto 2
Cristobal MoralesRegina Caeli - 4 partsSopranoAltoTenorBass
Francisco GuerreroDulcissima MariaSopranoAltoTenorBass
Francisco GuerreroCanite TubaSopranoAltoTenorBass
Francisco GuerreroGaude BarbaraSopranoAltoTenor 1
Tenor 2
Bass 1
Bass 2
Juan del EncinaTriste EspañaAll Parts (TTBB)
Juan del EncinaTodos Los Bienes Del MundoSopranoAltoTenorBass
Juan AranesChaconaSopranoAltoTenorBass
Anonymous¿Con Qué La Lavaré?SopranoAltoTenorBass
AnonymousDindirin, DindirinSopranoAltoTenorBass

If you click on the link for your part in each piece your media player should start and the midi file will play. You can right ("secondary" if you have reversed your mouse buttons) click on each link in turn and download the file to your computer, and play it from there. This would be preferable as it would save server bandwidth (we all practice every night, right?) and ultimately costs to the choir. Alternatively, after sampling some of the files in the table above you might choose to download a zipped (compressed) file containing all the music for each voice.

Download the following files by right-clicking the link, and selecting "Save target as" and saving the file to folder such as "My Music." If you are running Windows XP you can decompress the file by double clicking it. If you use an earlier version of Windows you will need to have an "UNzip" utility application, such as PKUnZip to unpack the compressed files from the "zipped" folder.

Soprano Files      Alto Files      Tenor Files      Bass Files

Note that these "zip archives" do not include the "all parts" MIDI files for the Encina Triste España, nor for the Joan Cererols' Serafin

A word on the naming conventions used:

Hence "guerreroctsop.mid" or "moralesrc6sop1.mid" which contains the MIDI file with the soprano 1 line emphasised from the six part version of the Cristobal Morales' Regina Caeli (Laetare.) Once uncompressed you can rename the files to whatever you choose.