The Board

The Choir is governed by a Board of Directors elected by the membership at an AGM held in October. The Directors serve for a single term which expires at the conclusion of the next AGM.

The present Board is composed as follows:

  • Joan Fitzpatrick – Co President
  • Margaret Archibald – Co President
  • Conrad Krebs-Carstens – Treasurer
  • Samantha Merz – Secretary
  • Sarah Little – Director-at-large
  • Karen Millard – Director-at-large
  • Eve Munns – Director-at-large
  • Peter Munns – Director-at-large
  • Jim Peers – Director-at-large
  • Christine Riek – Director-at-large

Artistic Director, Edette Gagné, and Concert Producer, Mary Leigh-Warden, are invited to attend Board meetings.